Joe always enjoyed talking in the third person, a tasty cup of coffee and has dreamed of opening a coffee shop for more than 10 years.

He only realised just how good coffee could be after getting a coffee grinder and fresh ground beans for Christmas one year. Here began his obsession with speciality coffee and a frankly ridiculous investment in coffee equipment, training and related events that have lead to the man he now is and the company he’s started. Despite the name, no man is an island. Joe is working with his wife El to bring Cupper Joe to the masses. El has also launched her handmade fudge company which works closely with Cupper Joe and is available separately to offer delicious fudge for events or retail locations. Read all about Fudgin El! on her Facebook page.

Joe loves to serve people delicious coffee (and other drinks) and is looking forward to making coffee at your event.

The Name

Switch to first person! Some of you will be wondering about the company name. Granted probably not many, but still let’s explain. It’s a relatively obvious play on the phrase “Cup of Joe” from our friends in the States with a twist. The play is specifically on Coffee cupping where; “Cupping is a procedure used to taste and assess coffee. It provides a consistent approach for evaluating a coffee’s quality.”

I’m no expert on coffee tasting notes yet, but I’m still a Cupper as  I do cup coffee for my own learning and improvement. I enjoy the process, so this name was a natural fit with my companies focus being on Quality (which cupping helps assure) and Coffee (because…Coffee). So I deliberately didn’t choose Cuppa Joe and I encourage you to note the spelling now :-).

How Did Joe Learn About Coffee?

To date I have completed training with numerous companies (see below for a small selection of them) and I’m always looking for opportunities to continue my coffee learning.

I have also read many books, websites and forums on the topics of coffee. If you would like to learn a little from my wealth of experience, check out this home barista training with Joe?

Courses I’ve attended
  • Sensory Skills Foundation at London School of Coffee
  • Introduction to filter brewing and coffee cupping with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (at the amazing coffee shop: Colonna and Smalls)
  • Latte Art Class at Small Batch Coffee Roasters, Brighton
  • Latte Art Class with DT Coffee School, Winchester
  • Introduction to filter coffee at Workshop coffee, London
  • Introduction to Coffee Roasting at Prufrock Coffee, London
  • An introductory barista course and separate coffee roasting course at Winchester Coffee School
  • Many coffee cupping sessions with different companies.

Sensory Coffee Certificate

Joe has attended many sessions with professionals around the country, in order to refine his skills and to keep on learning

Registered Address: 41 Coopers Lane, Bramley, Tadley, Hampshire, RG26 5BZ