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All You Want Is a Good Cup Of Coffee

If you want to make a better cup of coffee to enjoy at home or work. Then I can show you how. 

Training in Cupper Joe’s Coffee Kitchen, or at your house? Hampshire and Berkshire are Joe’s main counties of operation. He’s happy to travel further afield when feasible. 

Joe learnt to make really good coffee from attending many workshops, training sessions, reading and using techniques from many top baristas and from his own substantial coffee consumption! Now he’s ready to help you do the same in a much more efficient manner: Just train with Joe. 

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Scheduled Training Sessions

We run regular training to help people refine their coffee making skills. Whether you’re completely new to the concept of making filter coffee or are looking to refine your skills, Joe can help you. 

If you’d like to see Joe in action – check out  his live tutorial at the bottom of this page. 

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Bespoke Training

If you’d like to schedule a class tailored just for you (whether for 1 or many people) contact Joe to discuss your needs. 

He’s already run several tailored sessions and is always happy to talk coffee. Whatever your requirement, it’s likely Joe will be able to help

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Home training

If you already have espresso making equipment or a coffee grinder at home. Maybe you’d like to receive training based on that. Either in the comfort of your own home or at Joe’s coffee kitchen. Why not get in contact to discuss it? 

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Coffee Training

Cupper Joe has been working tirelessly to give value to the coffee and wider communities for some time.

See below for different training sessions Joe has run and the bottom of the page for the current events calendar

Filter Coffee Training

Joe is running scheduled sessions to help people quickly learn about brewing filter coffee making at home. It’s a very cost effective way to enjoy good coffee. 

Joe will cover many aspects of making good coffee in the home environment and most importantly provide plenty of opportunities to practise. 

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Coffee Cupping bowls and trays
Coffee Brewing Day at a Famous Roastery

Organising on behalf of 

Joe scheduled a filter coffee brewing day, at a famous speciality London Roastery. 

If you’re interested in bespoke training to enhance your understanding of coffee, aroma attributes or more, then get in touch today. 

Collaborating with Other Passionate Coffee Businesses

Joe is always looking for new opportunities to bring his coffee knowledge and passion to more people. 

For instance in collaborating with Foundry Coffee Roasters of Sheffield on an in-depth training session for people on many aspects of filter coffee

Foundry Coffee Roasters Site

Live Coffee Tasting Tutorial From Joe (starts 1m30 in)

Live Coffee Cupping (Tasting)

Posted by Cupper Joe on Wednesday, 29 November 2017