Coffee Tech In Detail

Equipment That Cupper Joe Use.

Making coffee is part art and part science. To be completely honest, I don’t expect that most people will be interested in this section – but if you’re either very interested in making exceptional coffee or find yourself with some spare time, then please do have a read.
If you have any questions about any of the equipment that I use, why or how etc. feel free to get in touch – always happy to talk coffee.

I’ve invested in a great deal of training  to get a great level of understanding in coffee. So it only makes sense to back that up with the right equipment for the job.

a Londinium L1 Lever Machine
The Londinium 1 Lever a fantastic machine for smaller events.
Photo Credit to Angela Ward-Brown Photography

It started as an interest and developed into a bit of an obsession. The best quality drink has always been the goal for Cupper Joe. So I use Specialty  grade coffee (which I often refer to as speciality coffee but since the SCAE and SCAA joined Specialty might make sense as a standardization <intentional Z>).

To me Specialty coffee means coffee which is grown with care, meets the scoring standards to be termed specialty, is roasted to deliver great flavour and the producers are paid a fairer amount for this type of coffee. I work with roasters that I have a relationship with, but I’m not only tied to a single roaster currently.

A 2 group professional La Spaziale S5 Compact Machine. This is a classic coffee machine brand, providing great temperature stability and repeated shots with volumetric controls. 
I use our machine with a pump and bottled water, so that I can use the right water for events. The machinery just needs standard 13amp plug sockets and I can set-up for you.

For smaller events I now have a Londinium L1 Lever Machine. It’s so pretty and helpfully offers good steam power and lovely shots from the lever profile. 



Coffee Grinders

A Victoria Arduino Mythos One Espresso coffee grinder. It’s reliable dose and great grind quality mean it helps us to achieve speedy service when it’s needed.

Mythos One being loaded with delicious coffee
Joe loading the Mythos One with beautiful Beans from Curve Coffee Roasters

A Niche Zero Retention Coffee Grinder. This is a wonderful grinder and I’ve been using it at home for espresso and filter coffee, with great results. In events I use this to be able to offer decaf coffee and also an occasional “guest bean”.

EK43 coffee grinder from Mahlkonig (a German manufacturer). There are few absolutes but this is widely regarded as one of the top coffee grinders in the world. It’s been around for decades as a multi-use grinder. It has really proved it’s credentials and we love to use it. I also think it’s a great looking piece of kit:

Cupper Joe mahlkonig ek43
Our mahlkonig EK43 coffee grinder

Assorted Other Equipment

A refractometer. I primarily dial our coffee in by taste. A VST coffee refractometer is a scientific way to show me that I’m consistently reaching the level of extraction that I need, in order to make you the tastiest cupper possible.

Acaia scales – both Lunar and Pearl. These are some of the best scales around. This might sound trivial to you – if it does great – just trust me these really help US to make the BEST COFFEE for YOU and your guests!

Kruve inc. Coffee Sieves. Don’t worry, you’ll never get lumpy coffee from us with these sieves. Actually they’re not really for that. They help to calibrate our beautiful EK43 coffee grinder – and any other grinders that we’re using – to judge the particle sizes that we’re getting in our coffees. This helps me try different recipes, adjust our grind sizes (average) to see what effect it has, and also to judge our settings vs. other people around the world. If you’re into coffee and have ever read the description kosher salt, then this would be a much simpler description – for every 10 grams of ground coffee aim for 80% to sit between the 400 and 800 micron sieves (for example).

A lovely big airpot. To help whilst brewing up tea and americanos. I’ll add more details about tea soon!

A Behmor Brazen Plus Brewer – filter coffee is a great alternative to an americano. I’ll include it at events whenever I can. You can get some wonderful flavours with filter coffee, so I drink it every single day (along with most other types of coffee!)