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Weddings, corporate events, parties with friends, Cupper Joe can provide a mobile pop-up coffee shop for all these and more.

Making a Difference At Your events

Planning an event? 

You’ve probably been to an event before where all you wanted was a good cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thing!). Either it just wasn’t there when you wanted it, or possibly worse it was not what you imagined when you finally got it. 

Coffee and tea are staples British life. There are coffee shops on every corner and some of them serving amazing, flavour packed coffees. The type of coffee which is a far cry from the bland or bitter swill in a cup which is so often the norm. YET most often coffee at weddings, parties or even in many a coffee shop is not what it could be. 

Cupper Joe is here to change this trend, one party, wedding and conference at a time. 

You can now have a high quality coffee shop just for you, just when you need it most. That might be for one day or many.

Working with the finest freshly roasted speciality coffee beans (we think this is EVEN better than Fairtrade for farmers). We make drinks that both taste delicious and give you an energy boost when you need it most. 

Other Drinks

Of course we don’t just offer coffee and tea. We work hard to provide good beverages in general, so we offer a hot chocolate made from Belgian chocolate which we steam into milk, so that it’s luscious, creamy and indulgent. 

Unicorn Hot Chocolate takes things to another level. We add whipped cream, marshmallows, edible glitter and other amazing things that take our fancy. If you haven’t seen the smile of somebody presented with a Unicorn Hot Chocolate, then you might not yet know what true happiness is. No Unicorns are harmed in the making of this drink. We can’t guarantee it though some claim a hint of unicorn magic rubs off on them, for approximately an hour after drinking it. 

We’re working with the rather fantastic Tea Mixologists Bluebird Tea Co. to offer you delicious teas!  

You’d like us to make a specific type of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a mix of them all? Why not ask, if we can do it, then we’ll give it a jolly good go. 

Beyond the Drinks

We make our own range of homemade delicious fudge. Obviously we’d say this – but it’s also true. Trust us – it tastes fantastic. 

We hand make this in small batches. We can make it with beautiful flavours that are interesting, exciting and delicious and it just flat out makes us happy to have this available for you. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also work closely with one of the finest bakeries around – Indigo Bakes. If you love top quality baked goods and would like us to source some for you, just give us a nod and a wink and we’ll do the rest. By that we mean, we’ll ask what exactly it is you’re looking for and when you want it. Then we can get it 100% right for you. We like to mess around with the best of them but we won’t have any ambiguity when it comes to pastries or bread, thank you very much. 

OUR GUARANTEE: If you aren’t entirely happy with the service on the day, just tell us and we’ll refund you 50% of the fee.

If you’d like to know more about why we’re confident enough to offer this guarantee, then you can also read about all the equipment we use on our additional information page

Book in by getting in touch or continue to see more info further down the page.

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Hampshire Wedding Club

Cupper Joe is based in Hampshire and proud to be working with The Hampshire Wedding Club. 

The Hampshire Wedding Club have gathered together the most unique and extraordinary wedding specialists in the area to help couples planning a wedding in the glorious county of Hampshire.  

HWC Site
What Do You Need?

If you’d like to make your event extra special, we’d love to help. We look forward to working with you, either with our typical offerings or investigating together any unique touches you’d like to add! 

Ask us if you have any questions or ideas to work together. We’ll be happy to help make things as easy as possible for you. 

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Who Are We?

A husband and wife team, focussed on providing the best hot drinks for events. 

Our range of fudge is fast developing a reputation for excellent quality and interesting .flavours

Take a look at our About Us page – by following the link below. 

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Baked Goods

We work with a local award winning artisan bakery.  Indigo Bakes and can offer delicious pastries, flavourful doughnuts and a range of award winning sourdoughs depending on your requirements. 

Hot Chocolate & Mocha

We add a ground dark chocolate powder into the milk and steam it, for a luxurious texture and great taste. 


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It’s not your typical coffee cart or mobile vendor as we set-up indoors just for you.

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